The Bug Butcher (Xbox One)

When reviewing a game, I personally think that it’s very important to try and complete the game before putting pen to paper. Now this doesn’t always work out, as some games are just a little too hard for me to see all the way through or so unbelievably rubbish that you know beyond a certain point there isn’t going to be anything to change your mind. So it was a typical Sunday evening with my Wife sat at the table getting her preparation done for the upcoming work week and myself sat in front of the TV loading the game for the first time wondering what kind of experience The Bug Butcher was going to be. Continue reading “The Bug Butcher (Xbox One)”

The Dwarves (Xbox One, Video)

keyvisual_backgroundHello everyone and welcome back to another of my quick video reviews!


The Dwarves was reviewed with a download code of the Xbox One edition provided by Dead Good Media (PR).

Slain: Back From Hell (Xbox One)

Slain: Back From Hell is pitching itself as a tribute to video gaming from the early 90’s. If you were around and old enough back then you’ll remember that back in this era for each genre defining title there were a lot of soulless, cash-in clones that were neither good or memorable. So the challenge to a developer is to really make sure that what they deliver captures the elements of the former, rather than creating another of the later. Continue reading “Slain: Back From Hell (Xbox One)”