BXB’s Bits and Bobs Bonus Episode – We watch NXT Takeover: The End LIVE



Hello everyone! This wasn’t planned and it just sort of happened. But I believe BXB is about more than games, so please forgive this somewhat crazy experiment.

Me and Adam decided to watch NXT Takever: The End live on a google hangout and this is the result. I am not sure if anyone would want to watch this after the fact, but it’s here if you do!

If you want to synchronise your viewing of this with watching the event you need to start at roughly 31:50.

Please forgive the fact that we started recording this a little after midnight our time and went to 3AM. So as you can expect we are pretty much insane by the end. If anyone does want an audio version for this for some reason let me know and I will make that available.

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