The Ubisoft Press Conference Wrap Up (E3 2016)

UbisoftHello guys and welcome to the fourth re-cap post for all the relevant announcements that have just happened at E3.

The fourth conference and second of day 1 was Ubisoft’s and it offered the typical mixed bag that the French publisher often wields at E3. With announcements and new trailers there was plenty to see.

Enjoy this massive list of YouTube videos for all the hot games shown at the show!

Matt Stone and Trey Parker were out on stage and as always they killed it, making people in the audience at the theatre and those watching the stream laugh in equal measure.

In addition to the Star Trek VR game we also got to see Palmer Luckey win at Eagle Flight, which was nice.

We got some new footage and behind the scenes stuff for the Assassins Creed movie at the show, but it didn’t amount too much. This film still looks like it could be awesome though.

It was a solid conference from Ubisoft with a moving bit at the end where it really felt like Yves Guillemot was saying goodbye for good, what with the hostile shadow of Vivendi hanging over the company, he might well have been. Lots of fun games were shown, most were in the typical Ubisoft open world mould. But I suppose the old adage of it it aint broke don’t fix it, applies here.