The Xbox Press Conference Wrap Up (E3 2016)


XboxHello guys and welcome to the third re-cap post for all the relevant announcements that have just happened at E3.

The third conference and first of day 1 was Xbox and it blew the doors off! Filled with big announcements and surprises read on for all the info.

Enjoy this massive list of YouTube videos for all the hot games shown at the show!

What a fantastic way to start the show and it looks stunning! It’s coming in August and I want it! Here are some more details from Polygon and Eurogamer.

Here are the configurations of the various models that will be on offer:

• £249: A 500 GB model that has all of the other features of the new Xbox One S configuration: 40 percent smaller console, “robot white” color, 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. It also comes with the redesigned Xbox One wireless controller, which adds Bluetooth support, making it usable with Bluetooth-enabled Windows 10 PCs and tablets without any additional hardware.

• £299: A 1TB configuration with all of the above.

• £349: A limited launch 2 TB model “available in select markets,” including all of the above.

This will be the new base model going forward with the older design being fazed out.

Ck2JhKSWEAE6OneFinal Fantasy XV showed up and had a pretty underwhelming boss fight played on the stage. I suspect we shall see much more at the PlayStations show.

Ck2KJS9WUAAziI8Battlefield 1 was on the stage briefly and showed the same trailer that was at EA. It will be available 8 days early with EA Access.

Ck2LWGxXAAEtTAoA slew of new XBL features were confirmed. Back ground music which is cool, but pretty unnecessary. Clubs and the ability to find groups were also announced which seems to be baking in a clan system into the Xbox. Arena which feels like an attempt to position the Xbox as an eSport hub with its tournament features.

I have already designed and ordered my one!

Limbo is free now. If you don’t have it, GET IT!

CD Projekt Red announced a standalone Gwent game and I am so damn happy! You can sign up for the beta now that is due in September.

Play Anywhere got a massive push during the show. Just about all the announced titles at the conference are coming to Xbox and Windows 10. All the previously released Xbox exclusives are coming to Windows 10 as well.

146584109122Xbox and Phil Spencer had BIG FINISH for everyone viewing.

Project Scorpio was announced and confirmed. It’s Coming next holiday and it’s gonna be the SUPER (so say all the developers in the video) powerful, actually the MOST powerful!

Expect this to dominate all discussions over the Xbox conference and frankly all discussions for the next year and half until it comes out. 

Well for me I think it’s fair to say that was a very impressive show. I can’t wait to see how Sony responds!

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