Manic’s Rimworld: Episode 1


After the breathless endorsement I gave it on the last podcast, I knew I wanted to do something special for RimWorld, but the question was what? The idea of trying to condense everything I loved about the game down into a 1500 word review was daunting, to say the least, and I also felt that this would force me to leave too much out. What I really wanted to do was somehow show the reader both the density and detail of the simulation within the game, and also illustrate the ease with which RimWorld can produce the weird and wonderful stories of human endeavour that I love so much.

After thinking it over, I realised there is already a perfect format for achieving these aims, and so I invite you to join me on an experimental foray into the world of “Let’s Play” videos, and the horrible story of an awful man’s adventure’s in RimWorld.

Manic’s Rimworld Episode 1: in which we meet Manic, a man in need of a nice coat.