In many ways it’s amazing that 1 year has passed since BXBGAMES rose from the ashes of britxbox to be born anew. I knew this first year wouldn’t be easy, having to rebuild a brand and forge new relationships, no doubt the going has been slow at times, but the progress that has been made is impressive.

It’s been a year since the forum closed, a year since we went multi-format. A year since we put a stronger focus on reviews and editorial content and started to produce video content in earnest.

In that year we have also removed news entirely from the site and put it onto social media, we have changed how we rate games and adopted a 5 star system. Within this year we also launched BXB’s Bits and Bobs and BXB’s Shoot the Sh*t.

We have an ever growing social media presence with successful channels on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and soon Beam.

Here are some numbers I am very proud of. We have posted nearly 200 reviews in a single year, that’s a massive number of diverse, entertaining and engaging content covering all platforms. From wonderfully written pieces, to hilariously weird videos; they really run the gamut. We have 20 podcasts now up in video and audio formats. We have around 40 previews and Early Looks not to mention a smattering of editorial pieces that defy categorisation. Basically what has been done in a year impresses and humbles me and I am so proud of all the fantastic video game stuff that now appears on BXBGAMES.

During the year we have welcomed and said goodbye many contributors and to all of those who created for us I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A special shout out has to go to all of you who have stuck with the site, without your contributions, support and help BXBGAMES wouldn’t be what it is today and it certainly wouldn’t become what it will be tomorrow.

So looking to the future, BXBGAMES will only grow. We shall add to the voices on the site, we shall grow our podcast family and we will cover games on any and all platforms that may pop up be it the Nintendo Switch or Project Scorpio or anything in between.

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