The Nintendo ‘Press Conference’ Wrap Up (E3 2017)


downloadHello guys and welcome to the sixth and final re-cap post for all the relevant announcements that have just happened at E3 2017.

A short video with one particularly massive announcement and quite a few smaller though still very popular ones.

Enjoy this list of YouTube videos (and a few screen grabs) for all the hot games shown at the show! Make sure you tune in to the third of our daily podcasts tomorrow, we shall be discussing the show in a lot more detail.

This looks like a classic JRPG with some very interesting regional voice acting from the U.K.

Some people absolutely adore this little pink puff ball.

This is a non trailer, just a logo. But it was still massive and enough to make twitter explode in front of my eyes.

The previous announcement was so huge many people almost missed this. A very charming looking game with a great art style.

I love me some Fire Emblem, but perhaps not the kind of Fire Emblem this seems to be. For me it’s all about the sweet tactics.

DLC, I shall have to ask Richard and Joel if this is content that gets them excited as it meant nothing to me.

Now here is a game I love. Happy to see it coming to Switch with some specific modes and tweaks.

This looks like a damn fine 3D Mario. Is it enough to get me excited, not really.

2017-06-13 (93)

At one point this fella from the Pokemon Company came out and confirmed that a full blown Pokemon RPG was in the works for Switch, even if it wont be out until next year at the earliest.

So that’s it, my final write up for the conferences over E3. See you all next year!


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