The Playstation Press Conference Wrap Up (E3 2017)


2017.06.13Hello guys and welcome to the fifth re-cap post for all the relevant announcements that have just happened at E3 2017.

A shorter show than that of  Xbox by some way and no shots were fired at the Xbox One X. The biggest surprise came from the lack of new games and how minor some appearances were.

Enjoy this list of YouTube videos (and a few screen grabs) for all the hot games shown at the show! Make sure you tune in to the third of our daily podcasts tomorrow, we shall be discussing the show in a lot more detail.

You can’t go wrong by opening a Playstation E3 press conference with an Uncharted game. This might be a piece of standalone DLC but it looks great, will undoubtedly play great and have strong performances throughout. While I might feel that the excitement for Uncharted has diminshed a little, I still know I will play this game.

Horizon is a game I keep meaning to put more time into but other things get in the way. I am sure any DLC for this exemplary game will be thrilling.

Days Gone sure looks nice but it suffers from the same problem all Zombie games do, it’s another damn Zombie game. I like the attitude coming off the main character though.

This just looked dull to me, then again I know a lot of people love these games. But I was yawning throughout this slow trailer.

I mean I would understand the excitement if this was a sequel, but it’s not, it’s a remaster. No doubt it looks pretty and this remaster means I might finally play the game after owning it twice before. But you know, probably not.

I really dislike the art style of this game and the story is just utter crazy bobbins. I suspect no one is interested in this for the story though.

As expected Adctivision showed up with a new trailer. It didn’t really show much though. It just reaffirmed my feeling that I am looking forward to returning to WWII and shooting Nazis once again.

In a shock to nobody Bethesda are re-releasing Skyrim in VR. Considering the love for this game and the fact they are doing the same for Fallout 4 this was never in doubt.

This looked quite interesting, but you couldn’t really tell how it played or what it was from the somewhat oblique trailer.

Everyone knows horror is a safe bet in VR. Lets set yet another VR game in a hospital/asylum because that’s original.

Fishing games are strangely popular. So why not bolt a VR one onto the boy band good looks of the Final Fantasy XV boys?

This looked liked the most generic shooter imaginable. It also has a terrible title. Putting it in VR will not make the game any better.

This however gave me some hope for the PSVR. This game had loads of charm and looked genuinely cute and interesting at the same time.

This re-boot of God of War had me just as interested this year as it did last. For the first time I am honestly engaged with this franchise and I want to experience it first hand.

This seems to have come a long way since it’s showing last year. I really like the idea of playing as the android and fighting for the rights of my oppressed brothers and sisters. Coupled with the typical Quantic Dream weirdness this should be a fun and weird game.

Just like COD WWII we knew this would be here. However I was surprised at how little of it was shown. Oh and hey, lets not forget all those exclusive items Sony has paid for.

Spider-Man has never looked better in video game form. The action looked very in keeping with the character as did the story and the little Easter egg at the end was a lot of fun.

For me this was a very disappointing showing from Playstation. I really expected more wow with very little in the way of new announcements it all felt flat and uneventful. While some pandering was done to appease the die hard fans not enough real innovation was shown.




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