The Ubisoft Press Conference Wrap Up (E3 2017)

downloadHello guys and welcome to the fourth re-cap post for all the relevant announcements that have just happened at E3 2017.

A very strong and typically French showing with a great line up of games and one massive surprise.

Enjoy this list of YouTube videos (and a few screen grabs) for all the hot games shown at the show! Make sure you tune in to the third of our daily podcasts tomorrow, we shall be discussing the show in a lot more detail.

A pairing I thought I would hate. We have known this was coming for some time. Mario + Rabbids was leaked a few weeks ago, but the charm on display here was too much to ignore. With a presentation that began with legendary video game icon and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto taking the stage with eccentric French Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot and the love the men shared far games was clear all over their faces, how could we not all in fall in love with this unlikely mash up.

2017-06-12 (55)

On top of this infectious enthusiasm we then learned that Kingdom Battle was actually a XCOM game. I’m not kidding. It’s exclusive to switch and is out very soon. I may have to get one of these consoles now, just to share in the un-bridled joy.

After that righteous opening Ubisoft settled into a more familiar cadence and quickly showed though didn’t linger on the latest Assassins Creed, a 30 min gameplay demo would follow the conference. The game still looks great.

After that the expected Crew 2 made an appearance but the game looks like quite the improvement over the first. With much better visuals and a new emphasis on cross discipline motoring I might actually care about this sequel now.

Honestly, really, we promise, this game is really coming out.

Oh and as you love South Park so much, how about a mobile game, oh go on then.

This was a nice little surprise that paired the always kooky Elijah Wood with a creepy and all together odd Ubisoft VR game. My interest is piqued.

Now this, this was a lovely surprise. A pirates game that is based on the tech that was created for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag. Black Flag is a fantastic AC game and the ship based pirating aspect was easily it’s strongest. This has me excited and I don’t thing we can ever have enough pirate games.

It’s Ubisoft, so JUST DANCE!

A new and different take on the Toys to Life genre. A No Mans Sky type setting and toys that are modular spaceships. The inner child in me want’s this really badly and as I have so far resisted all other (and now failed) T2L games maybe I shall treat it.

While getting the official license for the winter Olympics and bolting it on to an existing and impressive engine makes sense, having it be attached to STEEP does not. A game that is more about chilling out and relaxing on piste rather than competing feels a little at odds with the most prestigious amateur sports competition on the planet.

This looks cracking. The setting, the game-play, the characters, the integrated multi-player, every part of this sings with a joyous level of violence. I can’t wait to put righteous holes in rowdy rednecks.

Well hot damn Ubisoft, you went and did it. To say I was surprised to see this was an understatement. Nearly 15 years in the making this game seems to actually exist. It’s a rip roaringly good and sweary trailer with ‘tude that’s off the scale. It’s a prequel and while I expect to be waiting a few more years this cinematic looked and felt awesome.