Ironcast (Nintendo Switch)

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Nearly 18 months ago I reviewed Ironcast on Xbox One. Back then the review was for britxbox and we were using a ten point system to review games. This was an early video review from me and it shows. But while many things have changed about the site and how we do things in that time, one thing hasn’t. Ironcast is still a brilliant game.

Above you can see my video review for Ironcast on Xbox One. This review is still relevant and the details are still correct for the Nintendo Switch version of the game at least in it’s feature set. So, please watch the video and then read a few extra words (I have no way to capture video from the Switch) about the new version of this criminally overlooked title.

The Nintendo Switch port of Ironcast does one obvious thing, one thing that can be done with every Switch port, it makes the game portable. Since I got my Switch a few weeks ago I have been predominantly playing all my games in the handheld configuration of Nintendo’s latest console and it’s frankly a revelation. Being about to take Ironcast on the go, or even just to the bathroom with me makes so much sense for a game like this.


The port is wonderfully done, everything works well and touchscreen controls have been implemented nicely where it makes sense and by that I mean everywhere. You can select missions, upgrades, match gems and fire weapons all using the touch screen. Frankly it feels like the way the game should have allways been played and it’s fantastic. As soon as you dock the system of course the game plays identically to how it plays on the other consoles albeit with a slightly less ergonomic controller (thanks Nintendo).

I shall be honest with you, the reason I sought out a review code for Ironcast on Switch was to give me an excuse to play it all over again. It’s mixture of strategic gem collection, rogue-like story and ridiculously poe faced steampunk setting make it a joy to play on any platform. The Nintendo Switch version really feels like the definitive edition and while it doesn’t add much in new features being able to take it with you and play using the touch screen is the icing on a wonderfully Victorian cake. If you are looking for something fun and original on your Switch with it’s growing if small library, you would be mad not to include this title!


Ironcast was reviewed with a download code of the Nintendo Switch edition, provided by Ripstone.

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