Well 2017 was certainly a year huh. Can’t say I will miss it due to all the impending global nightmare shenanigans. But for myself and for BXBGames it was another good one. We had a raft of excellent games to play and it would seem like I played most of them… Not quite all, and most of them not to completion, but I dabbled with many and that’s always fun even if it does create an almost ADD gaming habit that means I rarely play games just for the sake of it now, but I mustn’t complain, that’s pretty much the definition of a 1st world problem.

Last year I did a written top 10 list and it was a blast to do, but this year I decided to challenge myself to talk about 10 games, mostly coherently in one take over the course of nearly 20 minutes of video. I hope you enjoy it as it’s probably the longest, largest and most complex video I have ever done!

The raw list is bellow the video and make sure you all come back for the mammoth amount of podcasts we have planned as we decide BXBGames’ communal best games!

10) Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

9) Persona 5 (PlayStation 4)

8) Horizon Zero Dawn (Playstation 4)

7) Pyre (Playstation 4)

6) Assassins Creed Origins (Xbox One)

5) Aaero (Xbox One)

4) The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

3) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Xbox One)

2) What Remains of Edith Finch (Xbox One)

1) Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (Xbox One)