EXT_KeyArt_Final_RGB (2)Hello everybody and welcome to the forty fourth episode of BXB’s Bits and Bobs! A bi-weekly podcast where we talk about whatever we damn well please!

In this weeks show we have loads of news and loads of games, it’s official games have no down time!

This week the gang (EIC Ben, Reviews Editor Richard and Home Counties Editor Joel) talk about:

Shenmue remasters,

Warmind, Destiny 2’s next expansion, launches next month,

Donkey Kong champ Billy Mitchell’s high scores wiped after cheating evidence emerges,

Michael Ironside is back as Sam Fisher,

Xbox One is getting Miramar map on Xbox One “before the end of April”,

More Original Xbox games coming for Xbox One,

Below re-emerges with the promise of a 2018 release, 

Firewatch announced for Nintendo Switch,

Far Cry 5 tops UK chart with biggest launch in series’ history,

God of War and our lack of interest even with ‘orgasmic’ scores,

Far Cry 5,

A Way Out,

Surviving Mars,


Fear Effect Sedna,

Operation Warcade,

Sea of Thieves,

Beast Quest,

The Raven Remastered,

Time Carnage,

Endless Space 2,

Civilisation 6,

The Division – Post 4K Patch,

This War of Mine,

Wipeout Omega Collection (VR),

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