Punch Club (Nintendo Switch)


In what can only be a bid for world dominance, tinyBuild brings Lazy Bear Games’ Punch Club to the Nintendo Switch, meaning it’s now available on every platform in existence. 

But I can’t really fault them for this level of dedication to what is a fun, inventive and pretty damn challenging experience. Punch Club is just as much fun on Nintendos hybrid console as it was on the Xbox when I reviewed it last year.

So I wont be repeating myself, everything said in that review is still valid as the game is identical to that iteration. I was actually quite sad to see no touch screen integration into the Switch version of the game as one platform it already exists on was iOS. But that didn’t hurt the fun I had playing, if anything and is often the case, being able to take Punch Club with me on the go easily and with more traditional controls worked in it’s favour.

The same deep management game with a fun sense of humour is worth your time now just as it was then and if by some miracle you have not come across this game already perhaps on your smart fridge or pocket calculator, the Nintendo Switch is a happy home for it.




Punch Club was provided to us by Nintendo/tinyBuild Games for Nintendo Switch.

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