Victor Vran: Overkill Edition (Nintendo Switch)


An underrated Action RPG gem finally (two months ago) makes its way onto the hybrid Nintendo console and it’s just as good on the go as it was tethered to the TV.

I feel bad. I missed the release of Victor Vran on the Nintendo Switch. My bad. It came out nearly two months ago and when I noticed it a few days ago I knew I had to check it out. I am not going to spend hundreds of words telling you all about the game, for that, watch the video above as almost all those details from the Xbox One/PS4 release have stayed the same, however I shall detail a few of the minor changes found in the Switch version.

I predominantly play Switch games in handheld mode and Victor Vran was no different though I did spend some time in docked mode. Docked the game is clearly less sharp and lower resolution than the Xbox One version I reviewed, in handheld mode the differences in the visuals are far less noticeable. Another noticeable but not (overly) gameplay effecting change is the performance. With the lower specification Nintendo hybrid console the game is a bit choppier in frame rate especially when rotating the camera or when the action gets hectic. It is noticeable in comparison to the other versions, but it doesn’t hamper the experience to much.


I would have also liked to see some Switch specific enhancements such as touch screen menu interaction or UI improvements for the smaller screen real estate we have in handheld mode, however no changes were apparent, this seems to be a basic port job. This can make navigating the menus on the go a little tricky and icky, but once again, after getting used to it it didn’t hamper the fun to be had.

Victor Vran is still a fun game in spite of these issues on the Nintendo Switch. Not many fully featured Action RPG’s exist on the platform in this style and if you want loads of well made content for a fair if not amazing price I can’t recommend Victor Vran enough. Well worth checking out as we wait for the upcoming Diablo 3 port.




Victor Vran was provided to us by Haemimont Games for Nintendo Switch.

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