Descenders (PC, Early Look)


Firstly some background. I’m actually a passionate mountain biker, and for the past decade I’ve been spending the odd weekend traveling around the UK throwing myself down various trails. I’ve even tested my mettle in the occasional competition. Despite my love for the sport, I’ve never really imagined it as something that would successfully transfer over to the Video Game world, and as such I can therefore state that I didn’t really expect much from Descenders. But even I was left pleasantly surprised.

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joelAs far as years goes, and pushing aside the political state of the world, 2017 has been fairly good. My personal highlight is obviously the birth of my second son last month, but it’s also my first complete calendar year with the BXB team and in that time I’ve got to try some games that I most certainly would never normally play. Along the way experienced many different emotions, surprise, disappointment, anger just to name a few, but most of all I’ve had fun which is at the end of the day what games are about. As such, below are my top 10 games from 2017! Continue reading “BEST GAMES OF 2017 – JOEL’S TOP 10”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Xbox One, Early Look)


Early Access is a term that has become ever more prevalent in the video games world. The intent as I see it is to allow smaller studios to fund games during development by offering discounts to those willing to persist with an incomplete, and often unstable, experience. The reality however feels much more like a mechanism for developers to cash out early and move on to other, newer, things seldom delivering a complete product. It has however become the spawning grounds for some innovative and refreshing gameplay experiences. Continue reading “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Xbox One, Early Look)”

Worms W.M.D (Nintendo Switch)


Pick-up-and-play, a term thats used in the industry to describe a game with a short learning curve and quick, rewarding gameplay. Worm’s has always been a game that has fallen into this category, its short battles and turn based gameplay well suited to playing for a few minutes as and when you can. For podcast listeners, you’ll be aware that my Wife is 9 months pregnant and the due date passed last Sunday with baby yet to make an appearance. Under such life changing circumstances taking on a game to review comes across as stupid, but with it’s pick-up-and-play mechanics Worms W.M.D on the Switch should be perfectly suited to fit around the birth and subsequent dirty nappy changes.

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Dungeons III (Xbox One)

Jumping into a game series on the 3rd iteration is usually a stupid idea. Going straight in at Mass Effect 3 for example would leave the player lacking a considerable amount of context around the universe, characters and story leaving you with nothing more than the gameplay from which to forge an opinion. Hence when the Editor-in-chief asked me to take a look at Dungeons III, my first thoughts focus around how to do a review justice when i’m missing two thirds of the narrative. Thankfully In this case developer Realmforge Studios has developed a series which focuses on putting together a deep strategy and management simulation first, and as such this game is very much accommodating for players getting to the party a little late.

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