Narcosis (Xbox One)

t94qeYbHorror games have focused on survivability traditionally, the fear of what could jump out around the corner or the worry of limited ammunition to be able to defend yourself against hordes of zombies or monsters. There are plenty of jumps or scares to be had in horror games such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill, but aside from a few change of underwear style moments, few games have been able to really get under the skin of the player and play on the brain like a well-made horror movie. Continue reading “Narcosis (Xbox One)”

World To The West (Xbox One)

CHistorically Nintendo’s hugely successful Zelda franchise has gone relatively unchallenged when it comes to similarly styled games. The phenomenally successful Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which almost single handily drove sales of the Nintendo Switch to the fastest selling Nintendo console to date, could pave the way for a lorry load of imitations, which leads me to World To The West, the latest game from developers Rain Games. Continue reading “World To The West (Xbox One)”

Destiny: The Never Ending Story – A Retrospective

downloadAs a Destiny player since the Beta I often find myself asking why, after three years of playing the same game, am I still addicted and having as much fun as I did when the game released back in late 2014. It certainly wasn’t the poorly executed story which seemed to start well, but quickly petered out into a mess before ending with more questions than we started with. So what is it that has me coming back for more Continue reading “Destiny: The Never Ending Story – A Retrospective”

King Oddball (Xbox One)


Hail to the king or relegated to the bin?

The unappealingly named King Oddball makes way onto home consoles from mobile devices. If you have ever played a popular mobile game where you throw birds across the screen using a slingshot, you are in for a familiar ride. Here’s a 2D physics puzzler, with the aim to wipe enemies out with one simple attack using timing and planned chain reactions. Clearly inspired by perhaps one of the most dominating mobile games of our time – Angry Birds – this is intended as a pick up and play affair whether it be for five minutes or five hours. So how does it fare on consoles?

Continue reading “King Oddball (Xbox One)”