PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Xbox One, Early Look)


Early Access is a term that has become ever more prevalent in the video games world. The intent as I see it is to allow smaller studios to fund games during development by offering discounts to those willing to persist with an incomplete, and often unstable, experience. The reality however feels much more like a mechanism for developers to cash out early and move on to other, newer, things seldom delivering a complete product. It has however become the spawning grounds for some innovative and refreshing gameplay experiences. Continue reading “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Xbox One, Early Look)”

Marvel and DC Are Battling For Fighting Game Superiority

Fighting games are getting big again and this is welcome news for old-school gamers. There was a time when it looked like classic fighters were on their way out, but thanks to competitions like the annual EVO tournament and new entries in the Street Fighter and Tekken series they’re more popular than they’ve been in years. And it isn’t just established franchises that are responsible for the resurgence of fighting games. New properties and fresh takes on more niche series have exploded onto the scene. One major reason for the success of these new titles is the popularity of superheroes. Continue reading “Marvel and DC Are Battling For Fighting Game Superiority”

Marvel Heroes: Omega (PlayStation 4, Early Look)

review.marvelheroesomega.03I expect that most people are at least familiar with the Marvel universe and the vast amount of characters, stories, history, etc, that it has built up over the years. Marvel Heroes Omega sees one of the largest gathering of material from that vast back catalogue come together in a single video game which allows you to play as your favourite comic book hero and party up with your friends for some good old fashion good vs evil action.

Continue reading “Marvel Heroes: Omega (PlayStation 4, Early Look)”

Destiny: The Never Ending Story – A Retrospective

downloadAs a Destiny player since the Beta I often find myself asking why, after three years of playing the same game, am I still addicted and having as much fun as I did when the game released back in late 2014. It certainly wasn’t the poorly executed story which seemed to start well, but quickly petered out into a mess before ending with more questions than we started with. So what is it that has me coming back for more Continue reading “Destiny: The Never Ending Story – A Retrospective”

Myworld (PC, Early Look, Video)

myworldHey guys, something a little different this time as I take a look at Myworld  now on PC in Early Access.

Myworld  was covered via a download code of the PC edition, provided by the developer.