Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom (Xbox One)

review.lostgrimoires.01You play Scarlett Everitt, an apprentice alchemist who has just finished 5 years at university and is returning home only to find that things have changed considerably in her absence. Keen to start working under the local master alchemist, you instead suffer an encounter with a mysterious stranger which triggers flashbacks to memories of your missing parents, and this is where the game starts. If it all sounds a little familiar, well that’s because it very much is.

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Punch Club (Xbox One, Video)

scr_fightHello everyone and welcome back to another of my quick video reviews!

Punch Club was provided to us by the publisher (TinyBuild) via a digital code for Xbox One.

King Oddball (Xbox One)


Hail to the king or relegated to the bin?

The unappealingly named King Oddball makes way onto home consoles from mobile devices. If you have ever played a popular mobile game where you throw birds across the screen using a slingshot, you are in for a familiar ride. Here’s a 2D physics puzzler, with the aim to wipe enemies out with one simple attack using timing and planned chain reactions. Clearly inspired by perhaps one of the most dominating mobile games of our time – Angry Birds – this is intended as a pick up and play affair whether it be for five minutes or five hours. So how does it fare on consoles?

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