Descenders (PC, Early Look)


Firstly some background. I’m actually a passionate mountain biker, and for the past decade I’ve been spending the odd weekend traveling around the UK throwing myself down various trails. I’ve even tested my mettle in the occasional competition. Despite my love for the sport, I’ve never really imagined it as something that would successfully transfer over to the Video Game world, and as such I can therefore state that I didn’t really expect much from Descenders.¬†But even I was left pleasantly surprised.

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Worms W.M.D (Nintendo Switch)


Pick-up-and-play, a term thats used in the industry to describe a game with a short learning curve and quick, rewarding gameplay. Worm’s has always been a game that has fallen into this category, its short battles and turn based gameplay well suited to playing for a few minutes as and when you can. For podcast listeners, you’ll be aware that my Wife is 9 months pregnant and the due date passed last Sunday with baby yet to make an appearance. Under such life changing circumstances taking on a game to review comes across as stupid, but with it’s pick-up-and-play mechanics Worms W.M.D on the Switch should be perfectly suited to fit around the birth and subsequent dirty nappy changes.

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The Escapists 2 (Xbox One)


In a departure from my usual style, I present instead the story of Clive. Clive was a prisoner at the Centre Perks 2.0 prison until his recent escape. How did he escape? Well, disguised in some stolen civilian clothes he hid behind a bush in the gardens until nightfall where he then cut a hole in the fence and legged it. It’s not the most exciting end to a story, but the story that precede those events actually summarises The Escapists 2 rather well.

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‘n Verlore Verstand (Xbox One)


One of the best things about reviewing video games is playing games that perhaps I would likely have never played, nor even heard of. Sometimes you discover a right gem, that takes a simple idea and implements it perfectly to create a fun or thought provoking experience that sticks with you long after you finish it. Other times, you get to take in some of the worst that the industry has to offer. ‘n Verlore Verstand, by South African based developer Skobbejak Games, is very much one of these games. Up until recently I’d never heard of it, but initial impressions had me intrigued. The question is, what sort of game will it be?

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Crawl (Xbox One)

review.crawl.02“Death is no escape down here”, the closing statement of the narrator as the tutorial comes to an end. This statement is probably true for most games, where death is really never more that an inconvenient setback rather than anything finite. Crawl however does things a bit differently, where death simply switches you from team living to team dead.

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Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom (Xbox One)

review.lostgrimoires.01You play Scarlett Everitt, an apprentice alchemist who has just finished 5 years at university and is returning home only to find that things have changed considerably in her absence. Keen to start¬†working under the local master alchemist, you instead suffer an encounter with a mysterious stranger which triggers flashbacks to memories of your missing parents, and this is where the game starts. If it all sounds a little familiar, well that’s because it very much is.

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