Blast ‘Em Bunnies (Xbox One)

Discover how the Easter Bunny spends its spare time during the reminder of the year in this arcade blaster from developers Nnooo.

There is no backstory to this bargain priced game and the gameplay is basic. You play as a one bunny army controlling a stationary 360-degree rotating turret in the middle of the map, using the peculiar arsenal of carrots against waves of evil bunnies. Wouldn’t they like that? Best not to think about it – just aim and shoot with the right thumbstick and right trigger respectively. No other buttons are utilised, summing up just how basic and mindless the gameplay can be.

Blast Em Bunnies shot 1

Evil rabbits fight back, it turns out. Being hit by a turnip missile or one of the various enemies will naturally degrade your health. You begin the game with three heart shaped bars of health meaning you can take three hits, but this is upgradeable as you earn coins (more on that shortly) resulting in being able to withstand more attacks before it’s game over. The more you play and earn, the stronger you will be in the pursuit for bigger scores and more coins.

For the basic price of £3.99 you get one map, one playable bunny and three game modes to choose from. Tutorial mode teaches you how to play the game, survival mode sees you facing waves of increasingly difficult enemies for as long as you can survive, and slaughter mode provides you with a 2 minute time limit to kill as many evil bunnies as you can before the time is up. There are additional modifiers that can be used during slaughter mode, such as invincibility or fully upgraded weapons, but the omission of scoreboards (worldwide or local) is a large oversight from the developers which could have added longevity to its game. After an hour I had seen and played everything the game has to offer. The base game is crying out for more playable maps to make things more interesting and to bring variety.

Blast Em Bunnies shot 2

Your controllable carrot turret can be upgraded using the coins collected at the end of each game and the better you perform the more coins you score. Coins are also dropped during gameplay from defeated enemies; the higher rated the enemy is, the higher the value of coins left behind. Making things trickier is the need to shoot the coins once they have dropped to be able to bank them. During the heat of battle, you’re often left with a choice: shoot the coins to bank them or continue battling for your life and hold out for a better finishing score. There are a variety of upgrades from watermelon seed ammunition to heat seeking turnip missiles, each upgradable further with additional barrels on your gun to an increase in fire rate. These upgrades are also collectable drops from defeated enemies allowing you to use that weapon temporarily until the ammunition runs out.

The graphics are solid but unspectacular, colourful and cartoony, but this works well to give the game an appealing cute look. The soundtrack is basic with only one tune whilst fighting off waves of bunnies and another after each game finishes. No matter how you perform, your bunny will do a rather annoying celebratory dance which becomes tedious after playing the game a handful of times.

Blast Em Bunnies shot 4

Additional DLC is available including new maps and playable bunnies. The mega pack contains an additional 5 skins, 5 maps and 3 multiplier packs for £11.99. You get the feeling that the developers have taken the approach similar to the model found with games designed for mobile devices, selling the base game as cheap as possible in the hope additional content is purchased via DLC. It remains to be seen if this will catch onto home consoles and the developers may have been better off including everything at a higher base price or making this free to play.

Blast Em’ Bunnies is enjoyable for a short period of time, but with so little content from the outset it doesn’t take long before you have seen everything the game has to offer. At a bargain price there is fun to be had for 1-2 hours and there is the addition of DLC to make things more interesting, but this bunny has seen enough.


Blast ‘Em Bunnies was reviewed with a download code of the Xbox One edition, provided by Microsoft Xbox