Marvel Heroes: Omega (Xbox One, PlayStation 4)


It’s a frantic battle, with the game stressing under the sheer amount of attacks being exchanged. In amongst the mess Bullseye, one of the games many antagonists, gives as good as he takes despite the fact his health bar is plunging faster than the value of sterling. The lunacy only increases, as more and more players join the fray and soon it’s almost impossible to see where the enemies let alone where you are.  Continue reading “Marvel Heroes: Omega (Xbox One, PlayStation 4)”

World To The West (Xbox One)

CHistorically Nintendo’s hugely successful Zelda franchise has gone relatively unchallenged when it comes to similarly styled games. The phenomenally successful Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which almost single handily drove sales of the Nintendo Switch to the fastest selling Nintendo console to date, could pave the way for a lorry load of imitations, which leads me to World To The West, the latest game from developers Rain Games. Continue reading “World To The West (Xbox One)”

Blackwood Crossing (Xbox One)

review.blackwoodcrossing.01Video games as an entertainment medium have a unique ability to put a person at the centre of an experience in a way that no other medium can. All manner of subject matters and topics can be explored in unique and engaging fashions that simply won’t have the same impact if they were delivered any other way. There is an art to it though, and achieving it requires an intricate understanding of how to let a player discover and experience a story rather than just tell it, and this certainly seems to be something that developer PaperSeven took to heart.

Continue reading “Blackwood Crossing (Xbox One)”

Warhammer Quest (Xbox One)

review.warhammerquest.02For those of you that listen to the Podcast, you might be aware that I’m a bit of a board game fan. As such, I was looking forward to giving Warhammer Quest a whirl to see how well the game would transfer from one medium to another. For those new to the game, Warhammer Quest is a game that sees you manage a party of 4 heroes as they quest through various dungeons in search of loot. Continue reading “Warhammer Quest (Xbox One)”