Revisiting Strange Brigade (Xbox One, Video) everyone, something ‘new’ for you today. Many moons ago I made a revisit video where I went back and took a look at a game post release with it’s DLC out with the hopes of starting a new type of video for the channel, well that didn’t really happen, until now! So this is our SECOND ever revisit video and I hope you enjoy it.

The Strange Brigade game and DLC was provided to us by Xbox/Rebellion for Xbox One. It was looked at on an Xbox One S and X.

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The 5 Biggest Video Games Expected at E3 2018

31713323_10155612917831158_8734434046504861696_oWith E3 only a matter of weeks away, you can’t blame video game media for the widespread speculation on the event. We might as well jump on the bandwagon and give our thoughts on which of the biggest games will be prominently featured in one of the world’s biggest and most exciting gaming expos. It’s hard to compile all the good ones in one list, but for this article’s sake, we’ll stick with five. You can also check out BXB Games’ roundup of E3 2017 for a look back on last year’s excitement. Continue reading “The 5 Biggest Video Games Expected at E3 2018”

Descenders (PC, Early Look)


Firstly some background. I’m actually a passionate mountain biker, and for the past decade I’ve been spending the odd weekend traveling around the UK throwing myself down various trails. I’ve even tested my mettle in the occasional competition. Despite my love for the sport, I’ve never really imagined it as something that would successfully transfer over to the Video Game world, and as such I can therefore state that I didn’t really expect much from Descenders. But even I was left pleasantly surprised.

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Well 2017 was certainly a year huh. Can’t say I will miss it due to all the impending global nightmare shenanigans. But for myself and for BXBGames it was another good one. We had a raft of excellent games to play and it would seem like I played most of them… Not quite all, and most of them not to completion, but I dabbled with many and that’s always fun even if it does create an almost ADD gaming habit that means I rarely play games just for the sake of it now, but I mustn’t complain, that’s pretty much the definition of a 1st world problem. Continue reading “BEST GAMES OF 2017 – BEN’S TOP 10”



If my massive backlog of videogames is any measure, 2017 was alright. A bit too alright.

With Nintendo back on form, there was barely a reprieve from awesome releases. In a way, this was a tragedy: some of the most well-regarded releases of the year, sat on my grubby list of shame. Here’s hoping for a shit 2018, then.

In the meantime, here’s 10 games I did play, all of which were good enough to justify typing out some words of enthusiasm. Yay, enthusiasm!

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joelAs far as years goes, and pushing aside the political state of the world, 2017 has been fairly good. My personal highlight is obviously the birth of my second son last month, but it’s also my first complete calendar year with the BXB team and in that time I’ve got to try some games that I most certainly would never normally play. Along the way experienced many different emotions, surprise, disappointment, anger just to name a few, but most of all I’ve had fun which is at the end of the day what games are about. As such, below are my top 10 games from 2017! Continue reading “BEST GAMES OF 2017 – JOEL’S TOP 10”