BXBGames is now Experience Kills!

So this is just a quick post to update you all on the changes that have happened here at BXBGames.

We shall no longer be using this site, but you can find all our awesome content at the following addresses:

Y: https://www.youtube.com/ExperienceKills

T: https://twitter.com/ExperienceKills

W: http://ExperienceKills.co.uk/

We all hope you continue to follow, support and enjoy all the videos and audio we are going to be producing going forward. So this isn’t the end, just a new look and a new style!


Episode 1, enjoy!

Circling the Vortex Episode 23 - As Time Goes By & The End of Season 2!

It's been two weeks so it's time for another episode and this is perhaps the most... end of season 2 episode yet? And we have some questions for you, the viewers and the listeners! Please let us know (on the sub reddit, on twitter or in a comment on YouTube): 1. Do we do a special? If so what (we can't do Parallels as it's really hard to get in the UK) are your ideas/suggestions? 2. Do we continue watching in airing order or switch to production order? 3. Would you like to see our faces in the future, switch to a video podcast format for YouTube? Welcome back to Circling the Vortex. If you don't want to watch this you can also find us on: iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/circling-the-vortex/id1448398785?mt=2 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3HTZ5Wd7YpnHxwkkyRzqLX RSS feed: https://dorkinyoureye.jellycast.com/podcast/feed/138 Feel free to also find us on twitter @ExperienceKills and leave us some feedback.