Episode 1, enjoy!

Circling the Vortex Episode 23 - As Time Goes By & The End of Season 2!

It's been two weeks so it's time for another episode and this is perhaps the most... end of season 2 episode yet? And we have some questions for you, the viewers and the listeners! Please let us know (on the sub reddit, on twitter or in a comment on YouTube): 1. Do we do a special? If so what (we can't do Parallels as it's really hard to get in the UK) are your ideas/suggestions? 2. Do we continue watching in airing order or switch to production order? 3. Would you like to see our faces in the future, switch to a video podcast format for YouTube? Welcome back to Circling the Vortex. If you don't want to watch this you can also find us on: iTunes: Spotify: RSS feed: Feel free to also find us on twitter @ExperienceKills and leave us some feedback.